Andrea - teacher, 24                                  Weight Loss and Muscle Toning 

Andrea has made massive improvements to her health, appearance and confidence – all from changing her food and exercise habits. Here is her weight loss success story so far, and the pictures from start, 5 weeks, 15 weeks and 27 weeks. The balanced nutritional program and a workout routine was specially customized for Andrea's fitness level.  Andrea was training with Julia 2 times per week, cardiovascular training 30 min 4 times a week, and did her nutritional blog every day to stay on track with nutrition.

Starting weight  - 165 lb                 After 20 weeks  - 130 lb

Body fat  - 38%                                After 20 weeks - 26%

Melissa Bilborg -  teacher, 59                                                    Fibromyalgia

Melissa was referred to me buy her friend. She wanted to loose weight and improve over all fitness. After an assessment I found out that she suffers with fibromyalgia over last 10 years. Melissa also relied on a breathing machine to sleep at night . BP machine shed that it was elevated but was controlled throw medications. 

The workouts were designed to improve metabolic rate as it was extremely low after lots of medications and sedentary lifestyle.  Melissa was put on a functional core conditioning  program with  30 sec to 1 min cardio intervals in between exercises to increase the heart rate and to make metabolism work harder. 

One year later, Melissa was off of her breathing medicine and 45 pounds lighter. She now sleeps peacefully at night, without the aid of a breathing machine.

She had become an inspiration and amazement to her unfit friends.

For many older adults similar to Melissa, Julia helped to overcome debilitating barriers caused by chronic conditions.

Rosella M - Store Manager,  24                   Weight loss and toning 

Rosella found FitnessJ through her best friend.

 Rosella lost tun of weight buy changing her eating habits and performing  cardio vascular throw the week but could not push throw stubborn plateau. 

After a fitness assessment I came to a conclusion that Rosella's muscle mass was very low especially core and lower body.  Also her body got use to the same routine that she has been doing for the last 2 month. The program was designed to improve her metabolism and gain overall toned muscle. The target was  to loose 10 lb of fat and gan 3 - 5 lb of lean muscle.

Her workouts were challenging! Interval training with functional training and core conditioning.

Rosella was working out 2 times a week with me and 1 more functional training on her own  that was tailored for her fitness level + twice a week 30- 45 min cardiovascular conditioning.

After 2.5 month her weight was down 10 lb.  and lean and toned muscle was conditioned properly throw out the body with 5% body fat reduction.  Rosella was very excited with her result. She is still Julia's client  that comes for maintenance once a week. 

Joanne V - Business Manager, 48         Degenerative Disc Lower Back

Joanne came to FitnessJ  with degenerative disc in her lower back. Before that she went through physiotherapy for 12 weeks and was advised to try personal training.

After performing fitness assessment I came to the conclusion that she still has a lot of scare tissue in her lower back. Joanne had a very limited range of motion in her hip flexors, hamstrings, upper back was very tight. She could not do any basic abdominal exercises.

She had a  lordosis (hunched back) posture and 1 inch shoulder misbalance. Joanne became overweight with high but controlled BP. 

We started up very gradually. She came to train with me 2 times per week and  did her light cardio 20 - 30 min on her treadmill 3 times per week.

Also for first two weeks we completely balanced her diet using an every day log strategy. 

The workout program was targeting her core muscles, stabilizer muscles, strengthening upper back and stretching chest muscles to improve posture.  With a huge limitation to a range of motion it was not easy to find the exercises suitable to safely isolating her degenerative disc area. At the end of each session we did 15 min assisted stretching.  After 4 weeks Joanne  noticed the significant improvement  in her flexibility and ability to walk longer without excruciating pain.  She was able to do lower abdominal exercises that she was not able to do before. She was able to sleep throw the night and lower back felt loosened up and less painful.

The workout program was adjusted to a little more challenging level.  After training for 6 month Joanne was able to brisk walk from Hwy 7th to Bathurst and Elgin Mills. Walking became her addiction. She lost 25 lb. and 7% body fat, toned up and lower back was 70% better. 


Marianna B - mother of 2 newborn twins, 26

Post Pregnancy

Marianna has been assessed with post pregnancy separation of the abdominal walls and strained hyperextended lower back. The program was tailored to her limitations. We targeted all core muscles as after pregnancy core was extremely weak. Also Marianna had to keep elevated heart rate throw the workout to improve metabolism and burn extra calories. Nutrition plan was professionally tailored as she was breastfeeding. She has started to train with Julia twice a week with 30 min sessions.  After 6 moth of hard work we achieved 18 lb down with 8% body fat drop. Also her separated abdominal was securely supported with strong core muscles. Lower back pain - gone!!!