Coach, listen, educate and inspire. 


Julia's  journey into health and fitness began at age of 3 when she stepped into her first acrobatic class.  From that moment on, she never stopped moving. Growing up as a competitive acrobat and a gymnast, she began to understand the importance of conditioning in order to stay healthy.  Julia has been travelling around the world performing acrobatic shows for 12 years.

 In a year 2000 Julia has immigrated from Ukraine to Canada.  It was a career ending journey , and early retirement from the professional world of acrobatics that led  to her career within the Health and Fitness industry.

Julia's exceptionally strong background with Flexibility Training, Pilates, Gymnastic, Acrobatics and Personal Training all intertwined allows her to bring a dynamic and unique workout to each of her clients. Julia is passionate about her clients maintaining their health through exercise and diet.  Julia has an easy going and strong personality being a great mother of 4 young children and a successful Personal Trainer with  powerful ability to motivate, mentor and guide her clients through their fitness journey, they continually rave that they feel better, look better and live better!

"Balancing a training program is like a great recipe. Only the perfect amount of each ingredient added at exactly the right time will work. Most trainers add all their favourite ingredients in random amounts and hope it tastes good. It never does."       Julia Tumanov


  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)  – Personal Training Specialist  

  • Can Fit Pro – Personal Training Specialist
  • Can Fit Pro – Pre and Post Natal Specialist
  • Can Fit Pro – Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
  • Human Kinetics – Weight Loss Specialist
  • Human Kinetics – Fitness Through Walking and Running Specialist
  • Human Kinetics – Functional Training Specialist
  • Human Kinetics – Sports Conditioning Specialist
  • Human Kinetics - Core and Posture Assessment Correction and Training Specialist
  • Human Microbiom and Gut Flora Specialist (Colorado University)
  • First Aid C+
  • AED
  • CPR

"My goal is to help my clients attain and sustain their health and fitness goals while enjoying the journey. I believe that change is possible with a positive mindset and the proper tools and motivation. When you have all three… sky is the limit..."



  • General Health and Fitness Education Instruction
  • Personal Training (In-Home / Private Studio)
  • Weight loss
  • General Flexibility 
  • Degenerative disc recovery 
  • Herniated disc recovery and conditioning 
  • Muscle toning
  • Muscle building
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Core training and conditioning
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Management
  • Postural Analysis
  • Pre and Post-Natal Fitness
  • - Post-Natal Abdominal muscle conditioning 
  • Post-Rehabilitation
  • - Arm and Leg Injuries
  • - Upper and Lower Back Pain
  • - Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • - Sports Injuries
  • - Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Nutrition and Wellness 
  • Osteoporosis Programming for Prevention
  • Exercise for Older Adults
  • Exercise for Children
  • Diabetes Control and Prevention
  • Weight Management
  • Fat Loss
  • Hockey Off Ice Fitness Conditioning – from A to OHL Levels